Quality and Safety

Personal Consultation Sessions

What to expect in a Personal Consultation Session?

Every session starts with a consultation. This involves ‘scanning’ the affected chakras or organs to determine what work needs to be done during the healing. Each client sits upright in a chair during the session and is guided to become receptive and focus on the breath. Through the use of a crystal healing tool or hands, ailment or emotion is cleansed out of the system. On completion, fresh energy is directed back into the client so body or mind can experience rapid healing and relief.


We recommend that you shower before the session and do not shower for 12-24 hours. The body continues to absorb and release energy after the healing session. Immersing the body in water can affect the work that was done during the session.

  • All consultations are conducted using free video platforms like Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom. The client is advised to sit in a relaxed position and become receptive.
  • All sessions start with an initial consultation followed by an energy healing session.
  • The first session runs for 60 minutes (priced at $85.00)
  • Follow-up sessions take around 30-40 minutes, priced at $50.00
  • Please call on 0458005202 to book a session (Monday to Friday 12 noon to 4 pm) and deposit the session fee in advance.